Family Medicine

If you are like most Americans, you have visited your physician within the last year about an illness, injury or another complaint. And, if your physician is like most American physicians, they prescribed medication to help you either recover from your illness, ease the pain if your injury or cope with your complaint. In one CDC report, one out of every three antibiotics prescribed in this country is unnecessary.

A study conducted by the National Safety Council showed that 99 percent of doctors are prescribing opioid medications for longer than the CDC’s three-day recommendation. 23 percent report prescribing a 30-day supply which has been shown to alter brain chemistry in a way that promotes addiction to these medications.

Patient Centered Care

Our Family Medicine services were created to support our patients in their health journey every step of the way. Rather than relying on medications to mask your symptoms, our team of specialists work to reveal the underlying causes of your health concerns and help you regain your health through functional and regenerative medicine.

Instead of writing a prescription every time you bring up a concern, we strive to provide the best possible care recommendations and then encourage you to choose the type of care you wish to receive. You are a full and active participant in your recovery, not a name on a chart.

The Sandstone Difference

We believe the key to health and wellness lies in supporting your body in healing itself. Our Preventative and Regenerative medicine services include:

Regenerative Therapy
When it comes to healing after an injury, surgery is not your only option. Discover the power of the body’s own healthy cells with this revolutionary therapy.

Wellness Testing
Inside of your genetic code lies the secrets to what your body needs to be the best version of itself. Find out what your body is trying to tell you with our full battery of wellness tests.

Thyroid Therapy & Support
Are you experiencing unexplained weight gain, weight loss or mood swings? Your thyroid could be to blame. Let our experts help you support your body’s hormone regulation and metabolism through thyroid therapy and support.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Have you lost a step? Do you feel like age is catching up to you? Fight hormone fluctuations associated with aging, childbirth and chemical exposure with our proven, natural, plant-based hormone therapy and support system.

Wellness Exams & General Wellness Care
You deserve to have a relationship of trust with your healthcare provider. Let us support you in your overall wellness journey through regular exams and care.

Weight Management
Have you become frustrated or feel stuck in your weight loss or weight gain journey? Our team of specialists have the solutions to getting you over the “hump” and onto a life of health and longevity with our custom tailored 90 & 180 day plans. Weight management is not a quick fix it is a lifestyle change! Our team will support and guide you along during your health journey at Sandstone Family Medicine.

You can expect thorough diagnostic information coupled with a variety of treatment options tailored to your specific needs. Not only do our expert clinicians help you understand your body’s current condition, they can help you uncover ways to support your own health and recovery.

For more information on these physical medicine and rehabilitation services, contact Sandstone for a consultation and take the first steps to better health.

Family Medicine Locations:

Woodforest Office

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Meagan Mitchell

Meagan Mitchell

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner


Meagan Mitchell is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She obtained both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston where she is currently still a student working towards her Doctor of Nursing Practice. Meagan worked as a Registered Nurse for over 10 years with a background in ER/Trauma, Oncology, ICU, and Pediatrics before returning to school to obtain her Nurse Practitioner license in 2018. She has spent the last few years focusing on family medicine and thoroughly enjoys building long-lasting relationships with her patients while creating individualized treatment plans with each patient. At Sandstone Meagan has the pleasure of treating the whole family. She has a passion for both female and male hormone optimization, helping patients meet their weight loss goals, compassionately treating mental health imbalances, and most recently aesthetics having acquired certifications in both neuromodulators and dermal fillers.

Codi Leggett

Codi Leggett

Certified Nurse Practitioner – Woodforest


Codi Leggett is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2016, and two years later, in 2018, received her Master of Science in Nursing from Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Codi has worked in primary care and cardiology for several years before joining the team at Sandstone Family Medicine. She also has experience with family medicine, acute/emergency medicine, women’s health, cardiology, and managing chronic health conditions. Her background, training, and education makes her a valuable addition to the amazing Sandstone Family Medicine team!

She has a passion for preventative care and early intervention to help her patients achieve and maintain their optimal health. Codi strives to work with her patients in becoming the best version of themselves, teaming with patients and their families to create the best-personalized care plan for each individual. She will work with the team at Sandstone to provide high-quality care to our patients in all aspects and stages of life.

Codi is happily married to her husband Aaron. They have a precious baby girl that is their whole world. She enjoys dancing, crafting, swimming, and being involved with her church, in addition to being a huge Texas A&M fan.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse (RN) who has completed a master’s or doctoral degree program and has advanced clinical training beyond their initial RN education. NPs complete didactic and clinical courses that provide them with advanced knowledge and clinical competency to practice in the primary and acute care setting.

NPs are licensed as both nurse practitioners and registered nurses and follow the rules and regulations of the Nurse Practice Act of the state where they work.

NPs practice in collaboration with a supervising physician and consult with them as needed to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care.

NPs focus on disease prevention, wellness promotion, and health education and counselling. They provide a full range of primary, acute and specialty health care services, including:

  • Ordering, performing and interpreting diagnostic tests such as lab work and x-rays.
  • Diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, infections and injuries.
  • Prescribing medications and other treatments.
  • Managing patients’ overall care.
  • Counseling.
  • Educating patients on disease prevention and positive health and lifestyle choices.

Reference: American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). (2019). What is a Nurse Practitioner (NP)? Retrieved from

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