Cryotherapy works to:

A single three-minute refreshing session promotes the natural healing process!

  • Reduce overall body inflammation
  • Induces an endorphin release resulting in an increase in energy.
  • Helps to increase the circulation of red blood cells, resulting in quicker recovery to fatigued muscles.
  • Helps to improve sleep
  • Burns 500-800 calories per session

Whole Body cryotherapy is used for both athletes and the everyday person. Cryotherapy was developed in order to help reduce inflammation by exposing your body to subzero temperatures. Cryotherapy is ideal for athletes, in order to reduce recovery time, patients post-surgery and those who are interested in reducing overall inflammation. The patient will be issued specific gloves and socks for the therapy the day that the treatment is administered. It is ideal to wear light undergarments the day of the therapy (i.e. underwear/wireless bras).


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