About your coach and the process

Virginia is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Her passion is to help men and women become healthier and happier through pure food and awesome lifestyle in order to gain energy, make appropriate food choices, integrate simple healthy habits, and feel the best they have ever been.

She has been involved in health, sports and wellness my whole life. Virginia was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Since her family business was sports clubs and camps, she grew up in a gym! She worked in the business until She started my own career working for some of the most relevant multinationals (Hewlett- Packard & BT amongst others) and startups, but always remained interested and involved in the wellness field. Virginia earned my BA from Universidad Complutense and my MBA from London Business School.

Over the years, Virginia has had the chance to live in some of the most vibrant cities (Madrid, Paris, London, New York, Houston) and experienced the health challenges derived from moving around and changing personal settings. However, every single time she faced an obstacle she went back to basics: healthy diet and lifestyle.

After 8 years living in New York (now I am based in Houston, Texas), She decided to take her lifelong passion for health to the next level and enrolled at IIN. Soon after, she decided to spend the rest of her life helping people achieve their health goals, she founded Colorá- Health Coaching. She thought she already knew a lot about healthy living, but IIN gave her not only cutting edge knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle management, but also the tools to serve people in a loving and unique way.

Virginia offers clients my commitment to guide them through their journey to feel the best they have ever been, always focusing on their personal health goals, which could range from weight loss and increased energy to healthy eating habits and exercise.

Through coaching, Virginia is able to help clients on a one-on-one basis through a personalized plan tailored to their body type, level of activity and lifestyle to implement habits that will last a lifetime. Virginia truly believes that the path to health includes not just nutrition, but also lifestyle choices and she helps her clients figure out their own recipe for success. She offers a self-exploration process owned by the client.

When she is not coaching, Virginia likes to spend time with her husband and two kids, experimenting in the kitchen, reading books by influential authors and playing sports.

About The Program

Feel the Best of You- 6 Month program

Tired of always trying to lose weight?
Confused by various nutrition theories?
Overwhelmed by stress?
Want to have energy to navigate through life?
Ready to make your own health a priority?

Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools for a lifetime of balance.

As a client you will be guided through a 6 month program where we will…

• Determine where you are and where you want to be
• Set and accomplish achievable goals to obtain sustainable change
• Achieve a healthy weight
• Understand and manage what your body is craving
• Feel the best you have ever been
• Improve your primary food
• Learn about the healthiest foods in the planet and see how you can incorporate them into your diet

Your program will include:

• Two 50-minute sessions per month
• Email and text support between sessions
• Simple healthy recipes
• Continuous guidance to determine what dietary and lifestyle changes you need
• Simple but informative handouts and book recommendations to increase your wellness knowledge
• My personal commitment to your health and success

For your no cost consultation please contact Sandstone Health.

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