Hillary Paske

Chief Marketing Officer

Hillary Paske was born and raised in College Station, Texas. She was a scholarship recipient for collegiate volleyball at Mississippi State University where she earned
her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Human Development Family Studies. She was inducted into multiple honor societies and was an SEC Academic Honor Roll athlete. While being a full-time student and athlete, she also made
sure to devote time to volunteering, specifically in special Olympics, nursing home
care, childcare development, and volleyball camps. Upon graduating, she went
on to achieve a Master of Health Administration degree from Texas A&M
University while working full-time in healthcare.

Hillary leads the company’s marketing operations, serving as the Chief Marketing
Officer, with responsibility for business growth and success through brand
awareness, marketing strategy, community outreach, and more. She also
oversees the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into emerging markets,
territories, and implementation of new programs.

She brings with her over ten years of experience in various industries and
specialties where she has held different titles. In her previous background, she
has experience in private Healthcare Consulting, specifically Aesthetics, Functional Medicine, and Orthopaedics, where she observed and evaluated companies to optimize strengths within operations to streamline efficiencies, improve processes, increase cost savings, maximize EMR capabilities, and deliver educational growth and cross-training opportunities to ensure companies are operating at max capability.

She has also managed different healthcare companies in various industries with employee counts ranging from 20 to 60+ and was instrumental in generating revenue from 4+ million to 10-20+ million. Previous responsibilities have included increasing development and expansion efforts, execution of marketing strategies, community relations, staff and provider development and advanced training, develop, track, and analyze analytical data to measure success or identify opportunities for improvement to reach target metrics, and more.

Her passion for marketing is rooted in her knowledge of how impactful this resource is for companies to expand, grow and outweigh the competition. Being a former collegiate athlete, she has an ambitious and rivalrous attitude, striving to consistently perform to help companies become a paradigm in their field. She enjoys the creativity marketing allows and how it connects companies to different audiences. With a large emphasis on social media and website utilization, she understands the value marketing holds to reach specific targets, how to tailor engaging content across platforms, and how to maximize marketing investments to yield the most conversion.

Hillary is a devoted wife to her husband, Ryan, and mother to her son, Wesley. In her free time, you can often find her spending quality time with her family, catching up on TV shows, rewatching The Office, or playing with her pup, Aspen.