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We are excited to meet with you at this FREE seminar where we will discuss the similarities and differences of anxiety and ADHD and how, often times, people can be misdiagnosed. We work with a dedicated team of providers to ensure that we are treating the symptoms that correlate with a true diagnoses. How do we find a “true” diagnosis? This is something we will discuss at the seminar – and we cant wait to share!

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We hear it every day…

My kids’ medication doesn’t seem to work! Well, do you think that maybe, just maybe, your kid is being given a medication for something she/he doesn’t truly have? Maybe that’s why it is not working.

I “know” my kid has ADHD, but I don’t want him/her to take medication! How do you truly “know” that they have ADHD? What test(s) was/were used to determine this diagnosis? Also, how you know it’s not a combination of ADHD and Anxiety or ADHD and Depression? 

Did you know that…

29% of children with ADHD have also been diagnosed with anxiety

19% of children with ADHD have also been diagnosed with depression

14%of children with ADHD have also been diagnosed with a sleep disorder

If you are only treating the ADHD (or maybe it’s not even ADHD) – What happens to a kid or adult that is also struggling with depression or anxiety?

Get the answer to this question and many more Tuesday, July 23rd at 6:30pm!