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Getting your baby adjusted soon after birth is a safe and natural way to promote a healthy nervous system.Getting your baby adjusted soon after birth is a safe and natural way to promote a healthy nervous system.

The birth process can be an exciting time for the new mother – but a traumatic one for the infant. That’s why we here at Sandstone Chiropractic always say it’s never too early to start pediatric care.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Squeezing through the cramped birth canal puts pressure on the baby’s spine and cranium, even under normal, natural circumstances. When the situation is compounded by procedures like induced labor, forceps, vacuum extractions and cesarean section, the baby is subjected to even more pushing, pulling and stress.

Getting your baby adjusted soon after birth is a safe and natural way to promote a healthy nervous system. While the baby may not necessarily be in pain, he or she may be suffering from spinal subluxations or disturbances in the nervous system. Once those disturbances are removed, your baby can experience healthier growth and development – and even enhanced sleep.

Safe for All Ages

Children of all ages can generally benefit from chiropractic care, which is even gentler that the gentle techniques we use for adults. Rather than the standard manual adjustment that often involves popping and cracking, our pediatric chiropractic care involves the use of two very gentle instruments that are both effective and safe.

Our Magnolia chiropractor Lindsey Thomas, who dedicates a large part of her practice to pediatrics, says the instruments achieve the same goal but with a much lighter touch. In fact, the pressure applied in chiropractic care for infants is about the same amount you’d use to determine if a tomato were ripe. Learn more in our pediatric chiropractic video.

Starting the Journey off Right

Chiropractic care for infants is a prime way to start your baby’s journey in life. It’s also an ideal way to provide preventative health maintenance for both children and adults.

For more info or to schedule an appointment for you and your child, call Sandstone or schedule your comprehensive exam online.

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