What’s your excuse for not staying healthy?

What’s your excuse for not staying healthy?

When it comes to taking care of their health, people have come up with a wide array of excuses why their well-being ends up on the back burner. We here at Sandstone Chiropractic have pretty much heard them all – and we’ve come up with info to combat them.

I’m too busy.

Small changes can go a long way toward your health and well-being, even a five-minute daily walk.

I can’t afford it.

Health care is an investment into your current and future quality of life. Many providers may offer options to help make health care affordable and attainable.

There’s no way chiropractic can help me.

Have you tried it? You may be surprised at the number of ailments we can address and correct at our Magnolia and Montgomery clinics.

I’m nervous about being adjusted. 

That’s absolutely OK. That’s also why we walk you through the process, demonstrating how gentle it can be.

It didn’t work for my friend.

Even if your friend had a similar ailment and appears to be your clone, every person responds differently to chiropractic care.

I had a bad experience. 

Sorry to hear it; why not come in and tell us about it? We’ll explain how our care is gentle, safe and effective.

If I just take painkillers, the issue is fine.

Painkillers often come with uncomfortable side effects and may cause long-term damage to your body. Besides, they only serve to mask the pain, not address the underlying cause of it. Chiropractic care is designed to get to the root cause of the problem, and then address and correct it through natural means.

If none of our targeted responses have prompted action, how about a saying we once spied on a bumper sticker:

“Your health. Ignore it and it will go away.”

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