Your health is important so when it comes to your healthcare, you don’t want to shortchange yourself or your family. 

Assembling a good health team is vital to ensuring you stay ahead of any potential health problems and address any issues before they become major.

At Sandstone, we have all the elements you need to have a great health team!

Family Medicine

When you have the flu or sprain your ankle or you want to discuss your family history for diabetes, family medicine is where you’ll turn. 

Our nurse practitioners provide patient-centered care so that you are supported on your health journey, every step of the way.

Together you will discuss treatment options, strategies for better health, and the type of care that works best for you. Whether it’s a wellness checkup, illness, injury, or health concern, we are there for you and we’ll listen. 

Because an empowered patient who is directly involved in their care has much better outcomes.


Chiropractic care is great for your aching back, but did you know that it is very effective for other conditions as well? 

Many people add a chiropractor to their health team because chiropractic is a powerful component of pain management.

It can help any part of the body, including migraines. Many studies show how chiropractic could mean less pain, better mobility, and improved flexibility – as well as relief from several medical conditions.


What if you could rewire your brain to help you better manage depression, anxiety, ADHD, or PTSD?


Think again!

Neurofeedback is a safe, pain-free treatment that teaches your brain to operate in healthier ways. It allows you to “fix” your brainwaves to help eliminate or reduce neurological conditions in an environment that is safe and supportive.

This non-invasive process monitors brain waves, then uses the information to change that brain wave activity so that it is healthier. Many of our patients are raving about the results they have had with this innovative treatment. It can help you too.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are quickly growing in popularity all over the country and while they fall under our family medicine umbrella, we thought they needed their own section. This is one health team member you don’t want to leave out.

They can do most of the things a physician can do, including write prescriptions, but they tend to be more accessible. Our NPs will treat you like family. They truly care about your health so no matter your health concern, they are here for you.

Sandstone gives you the unique experience of having all of the members of your health team under one roof. Schedule a consultation and see for yourself. Better health is just a click away.