What is always there, but never shows its face? What tenses your muscles without ever physically touching your body?


Even though stress is an unavoidable part of life, it no longer has to have a permanent hold on your body. These proven stress-busters will help you manage everyday tensors and relieve the physical and emotional symptoms of your stressful life.


For some people, the thought of having needles inserted into their skin is enough to send their stress levels through the roof. However, acupuncture has been shown to treat the physical symptoms of chronic stress without the side effects attached to most prescription anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications. Ultra-fine needles are inserted into areas of the body that control your most stubborn symptoms. Within 20 minutes, you will feel more relaxed, clearer minded and able to take on the world.

Still worried about the needles?

Rest assured that five acupuncture needles can fit inside one hypodermic needle that is commonly used to administer shots. Most people report not even feeling the needles as they are inserted and removed. They simply report feeling better once their session is over.


Stress activates the body’s fight or flight response. When stress becomes chronic, the chemical response to a perceived threat can have devastating effects on the body’s organs, including the brain. But what if you could better control your brain’s reactions to stimuli? Even if you cannot reduce the stressors in your life, Neurofeedback can alter your brain’s responses to these stimuli. Research has shown that Neurofeedback dramatically improves a variety of neurological symptoms including depression, anxiety, ADHD and even reliance on medications for stress management. Neurofeedback is painless and non-invasive. Many people even report it to be relaxing! Brainwaves are monitored by an EEG cap, in real time, while you watch a movie, play a game or read. You get to see your brain’s response to these stimuli and then learn how to control its reaction.

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Feeling tense in your shoulders? Experiencing stress headaches or digestive problems? Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to relieve stress symptoms without medication. When your body is in alignment, your brain and spinal cord communicate quickly and efficiently with the rest of the body. When your spine is misaligned, these messages become blocked, preventing your entire body from functioning the way it should. Problems with acid reflux? Chiropractic can help your body keep stomach acid where it belongs – in your stomach. Headaches from tense shoulder muscles? Chiropractic can help you relieve headache pain and get rid of that pesky shoulder tension.

We understand you are busy, that is why Sandstone Chiropractic offers acupuncture, Neurofeedback and chiropractic care under one roof. No more bouncing from specialist to specialist to manage your stress symptoms. Experience comprehensive stress relief under one roof with a treatment plan tailored to your body’s needs, your lifestyle and your schedule. Call today for a consultation and let the professionals at Sandstone Chiropractic show you how to stop stress in its tracks.