The new school year is officially in full swing and while report cards won’t be out for a few more weeks, most parents are seeing progress reports coming home.

And they aren’t exactly jumping for joy over them.

The transition from summer brain to learning brain can be difficult. Compound that with starting a new grade with new skills, teachers, and sometimes schools. It is a lot of pressure for a kid.

In addition, the pressure to perform can be overwhelming, even when the parents aren’t pushing it. Children tend to push themselves as they strive to please their parents and teachers.

Create a Study Schedule

A child should not be drowning in study and homework time. Kids need to relax and spend time with family just like everyone else.

Create a study schedule that includes a healthy balance of studying and relaxation, with an emphasis on self-care. During the study time, create a learning-friendly environment that is quiet with very few distractions. If you keep the television off and limit conversations your child has a better chance of staying focused while doing schoolwork.

Pencil in Some Down Time

Children live what they learn so encouraging a healthy school-life balance will help them later in life. Schedule some time every day for them to relax and do something fun such as play a game or spend time with family.

Also try to schedule weekly outings, even if it’s just to go get ice cream with the family.

If you find that your child is overwhelmed with homework, the time to act is sooner rather than later. Talk to the teacher and explain how many hours of homework your child is doing each night. Burnout is real for kids too.

Give Neurofeedback a Shot

If your child’s peers are not struggling with homework like your child is, there may be other issues that are affecting their academic performance. Dyslexia, ADHD, and assorted other challenges can affect a child’s ability to focus, their comprehension, and overall performance. If something like this is going on, there are strategies that can help.

Neurofeedback is one of them.

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, pain-free, drug-free method for helping children and adults with other challenges like Dyslexia, Asperger’s, ADHD, impulsivity, mood regulation, and more – even academic burnout. Each short, pain-free neurofeedback sessions work to rewire the brain so that it functions more effectively and efficiently.

The result is better progress reports and report cards that make parents and kids smile.

Success is the best confidence builder. Help your kid achieve academic success through positive parenting and neurofeedback therapy at the Sandstone Center for Neurofeedback in the Woodlands; and watch the transformation academically and personally.

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*Sandstone Center for Neurofeedback does not diagnose medical conditions. Sandstone Center for Neurofeedback is a nonmedical, medication-free program for children and adults who struggle with symptoms related to mental health.