Dr. Lindsey Thomas discusses why it’s never too early to start pediatric care!

Video Transcript

I’m Lindsey Thomas. I am a chiropractor at Sandstone Chiropractic in Magnolia, and a large part of my practice is pediatrics. A lot of my older patients will come up to me and ask me why are you adjusting that baby? What do they need that for? They can’t be in pain. My answer to them usually is you’re right. I don’t see kids a lot of times because they are in pain. It’s more to keep them healthy. We do it more on a preventative maintenance standpoint.

I do see kids with symptoms such as ear infections, constipation, colic, but it’s important to know, and I always reiterate this to patients, that we’re not treating that symptom but we’re actually addressing to make the nervous system stronger which helps with their immune system and that helps that child to get over that faster.

The way that I typically adjust a child is going to be different than how I would adjust an adult. I have two instruments that I use and they are very gentle, and research has showed they’re very safe and they’re very effective. They accomplish the same goal but we get away from a more standard manual adjustment where you hear the popping and cracking, and this is going to be a more light and gentle input.

In terms of wellness, it is never too early to start chiropractic care.

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