By 2030, it is estimated that approximately 20% of the US population will be 65 or older. As we age, we are more prone to aches and pains as well as balance and mobility issues that can result in falls. According to the CDC, falls are one of the 10 leading causes of nonfatal emergency department visits in the United States. Adults aged 65 and older have the highest incidence of unintentional falls with 3,143,536 falls in 2018.

As healthcare costs continue to rise (since 1999 it has more than doubled), many people are growing concerned about how they will be able to afford their medical care when they are older. Currently, annual healthcare costs are $11,300 per person in the U.S. This leaves many people wondering what they will do, how they will get the care they need during their golden years.

A Case for Chiropractic for Seniors

What is extraordinary is that chiropractic care has been shown to decrease healthcare spending in the over 65 segments of the population. More than 16% of a person’s healthcare spending occurs in the last year of life. Healthcare spending in those over 65 is 5 times more than children and 3 times more than adults (under 65). Regular chiropractic care has a significant impact on those expenses.

So, the answer, at least in part, is to get regular chiropractic care. Right?

Well, we have a way to go there. Only about 14% of older adults currently use chiropractic even though it has been shown to reduce the risk of arthritis, improve balance and mobility, reduce the likelihood of requiring the care of a nursing home, and even decrease the incidences of hospital stays.

Chiropractic for the elderly can be a great asset to their existing medical care.

5 Benefits of Chiropractic for the Elderly

Many people think of chiropractic care and think of a treatment for their aching back. The truth is, it has numerous applications and is a great treatment for many conditions. Even healthy people, seniors included, can benefit from regular chiropractic care.

Prevent Falls

Chiropractic care helps improve coordination and balance which helps to prevent falls. It makes the communication pathways throughout the spine more effective so that you have a better sense of where and how your body moves through space. This cuts down on falls as well as bumping into things.

Manage Pain

There have been many studies on how chiropractic is an effective pain management treatment – and not just for your back. It is a very effective treatment for several age-related conditions such as spinal compression fractions and osteoarthritis. Regular chiropractic care eases the pressure off of the joints which decreases pain or in some cases eliminates it.

Improve Balance

There are small receptors at the base of your neck (your cervical spine). These receptors give your brain messages that help it understand where your body and limbs are functioning in the space you are in. Aging decreases these receptors’ ability to function properly, and many older people begin to have balance problems as a result. Chiropractic care helps improve the communication between the spine and brain by stimulating the receptors and making them function more effectively.

Increase Range of Motion

Several studies, including an Australian study in 2001, have provided powerful evidence that chiropractic care greatly improves a person’s flexibility and range of motion. By bringing the spine back into alignment and the body back into balance, patients experience a greater range of motions and can move with much more ease.

Boost Immunity

A properly aligned spine allows for proper circulation which helps to move toxins through and out of the body. At the same time, the brain is better able to communicate with all parts of your body and organs. This allows it to better monitor the body, identify problems, and provide more efficient repairs. In one study, adults who received regular chiropractic care over a five-year period experienced a 200% increase in immune system function.

The evidence speaks for itself. Chiropractic care works and it is a great treatment for seniors. You don’t have to give in to age-related conditions! Chiropractic care can help to improve many so you can enjoy a better, richer quality of life.

Are you ready for a healthier, more youthful, more active you? Our Doctors of Chiropractic will work with you to find the right treatment plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. Make your appointment today and discover what a difference great chiropractic care can make!