In today’s disconnected world we are all craving a sense of community, especially when it comes to our health care needs. That is why Sandstone Family Medicine strives to be more than a clinic, we are a member of your community.

Customized Care with a Smile

A combination of increasing healthcare costs and decreasing time with patients makes a lot of people cringe when they think about seeing a medical professional. That is why we have doubled down on our commitment to creating customized patient experiences that are right for you.

From the first time you step into Sandstone Family Medicine until you leave our office, our staff is committed to creating an experience that is tailored to your needs. Our providers take the time to listen to your story, dig a little deeper, and create innovative solutions that meet your needs. Best of all, we do it with a smile.

Permanent Solutions

There is no scarier word in healthcare than the word “chronic.” It immediately causes people to think, “I’m going to have to deal with this forever.”

We believe that the only way to treat chronic conditions is with permanent solutions. As a country, we are simultaneously more medicated than ever and sicker than ever due to a host of so-called chronic conditions. Yet, instead of addressing the underlying causes of our pain, fatigue, or dysfunction, healthcare providers are treating the symptoms themselves.

We believe the only way to beat chronic conditions with permanent solutions is to treat the underlying problem. That is why we offer comprehensive diagnostics that cover not only the conditions we see but also those that may be at the root of those conditions. Only then do we find permanent solutions to chronic problems our patients may be facing.

Partner Providers

In a day and age when so many providers dictate their patients’ care, we have held true to the one principle that sets Sandstone Family Medicine apart from others. We believe in partnering with our patients for better health outcomes.

Our patients are experts on what it feels like to be in their bodies.

We are experts on how to help them live healthier lives.

Together, we create a partnership that offers our patients a choice in how they access their health care. Instead of prescribing before we listen, we listen and then make recommendations based on our patients’ goals and lifestyles.

We believe the best way to impact our community is to offer big-city expertise with a small-town feel. From comprehensive diagnostics to partner-focused care, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between a doctor who knows you and one who best serves you.

Ready to experience the Sandstone difference? Call today or schedule your consultation online and find out why your neighbors are some of our best friends.