We are now
Sandstone Health

The name Sandstone has grown

to represent a great patient care.

Now offering chiropractic, family,

medicine, and neurofeedback.

Welcome to Sandstone Health!

We are now Sandstone Health

The name Sandstone has grown

to represent great patient care.

We now offer chiropractic, family

medicine, and neurofeedback

to maximize your care.

Welcome to Sandstone Health!

Our philosophy is to provide the best possible care recommendations, and then allow the patient to choose the type of care they wish to receive. We hope to create lasting relationships with patients who are committed to regaining their health, and who allow us to participate in their full recovery. The committed patients who listen and take action on our recommendations get the best results. Sometimes patients don’t realize that their lifestyles contribute to many of their health problems, so we ask our patients to be pro-active in their care.

Our mission at Sandstone Family Medicine is to provide patients the most innovative and highest quality care. We strive to form lasting relationships with the entire family by including patients in the decision-making process and acknowledging them as active participants in their health.

By using neurofeedback we are able to retrain the brain by correcting frequency abnormalities associated with various neurological conditions such as ADD, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, PTSD, memory loss, and auditory processing issues just to name a few. At the Sandstone Center for Neurofeedback, we combine neurofeedback therapy with various brain-base therapies in order to stimulate optimal results.

The doctors of Sandstone and the staff, without exception, show a real concern for their patient’s current situation. The evaluation is as thorough as I’ve ever had performed. The evaluation that is performed gives Dr. Tony the information needed to formulate the very best method and series of treatment to customize your own personal recovery. I look forward to and have complete confidence that Dr. Tony will have a 100% success rate in my personal recovery.

-Mark L

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